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Learn more about AARP support for expanding Roles for Nurses

Posted over 2 years ago by Victoria Eftychiou

AARP is very supportive of nurses.  They recognize that nurses are filling the increasing need for primary health care in the country. 

The AARP Center to Champion Nursing in America  (CCNA) along with local AARP offices are working to allow nurses to practice to the full extent of their training and education.  The Future of Nursing: Campaign for Action, which is run by CCNA is working toward making high-quality health care available to all.

To learn more about this, check out this link:


As part of the nationwide Future of Nursing: Campaign for Action, the New Jersey Action Coalition (NJAC) is one of 51 coalitions (one in every state and the District of Columbia) bringing together diverse health care providers, policy-makers, and business, academic, and philanthropic leaders to transform health care through nursing.

Also, to learn more about the New Jersey Action Coalition: visit http://www.njccn.org/nj-action-coalition/


Posted by: Victoria Eftychiou, APN