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APN Award Nominations

Posted about 2 years ago by Virginia Carreira

Call for Award Nominations:

FNAP Advanced Practice Nurse of the Year

In an effort to further recognize the efforts of Advanced Practice Nurses, the Forum of Nurses in Advanced Practice (FNAP/NJSNA) is pleased to announce the nomination phase of the 2016 "Advanced Practice Nurse of the Year" award.

The purpose of this award is to honor an advanced practice nurse who has made significant contribution to FNAP/NJSNA, the nursing profession, education, or health of patients and community. This award will be presented during the annual APN Education Day that will take place at the Forsgate Country Club on November 18, 2016

Criteria for Nomination:
  1. Nominations can be made by members and non-members of the FNAP who can attest to the candidate's qualifications for the award.
  2. Nominees must be a member of the FNAP.
  3. Nominees must be an APN (Clinical Nurse Specialist or Nurse Practitioner).
  4. Nominees must exhibit one or more of the following qualities:
    a) Outstanding clinical skills, as demonstrated by the implementation of best practices and or evidence-based practices.
    b) Serve as a mentor, coach, and preceptor to students and other RNs and APNs.
    c) Serve as an advocate for quality health care by advancing patient care, legislative action, or participating in local and/or national nursing activities.
    d) Demonstrate support of the APN role advocating for or advancing the use of the APNs within their medical center/health system.
    e) Promote advanced education and or certification for Advanced Practice Nurses.
    f) Demonstrate advancement of evidence-based practice and/or nursing research with an emphasis on improving clinical outcomes.
Instructions for Nomination:
  1. Self-nominations are not accepted.
  2. Nominators must complete the following information on the nomination application attached to this memo and forward it to the Chairperson of the Awards Committee, Virginia Carreira, via e-mail at vcarreira@aol.com with APN AWARD in the subject line no later than October 26, 2016.
  3. Print the form if you plan on maintaining a copy for your records.

Selection Process:
Nominations must be forwarded electronically to the FNAP Secretary/Chairperson Virginia Carreira, who will select a minimum of three selection committee members, none of whom are current nominees, to review the applications and select a winner based on the above criteria.
The selected FNAP Advanced Practice Nurse Excellence Award Winner is invited to attend the APN Education Day on November 18, 2016 for receipt of the award.

2016 Advanced Practice Nurse of the Year Award Nomination Application

Nominee Information:
  • Name and credentials:
  • Address:
  • Telephone: Home: Work:
  • Fax: Home: Work:
  • E-mail: Home: Work:
  • Nominator Information:
  • Name:
  • Address:
  • Phone:
  • E-mail:
  • Fax:
  • Brief Description of Nominee's Qualifications and Accomplishments:
  • Three Bullets Highlighting Achievements of Nominee: