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If you precept students, this CMS rule change will save you time, from Carolyn Buppert

Posted 8 months ago by Victoria Eftychiou

If you precept students, this CMS rule change will save you time
The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has changed its requirements regarding preceptor documentation of students' work. Up until now, CMS required a preceptor to verify (personally perform) and re-document a student's history of present illness, physical exam and medical decision-making. Now, the preceptor need only "verify" the student's documentation of the components of evaluation and management services. No need to re-document. The implementation date for this policy change is March 5, 2018.
So, the preceptor will need to personally perform, or re-perform, enough history, exam and medical decision-making as needed to justify writing "I verify the history of present illness, physical examination, and medical decision-making the student has recorded." The preceptor may want to add information below the student's note, or add a note that the preceptor had different findings or is altering the student's plan of care.  
Posted by:  Victoria Eftychiou APN