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FNAP Seeks the nomination for the position of Secretary 2019-2021

Posted about 1 month ago by Varsha Singh

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The FNAP Board of Directors is seeking nominations for the FNAP Secretary.

The nominee must be a member of FNAP and NJSNA for at least 1 year.

If interested (self-nominations are encouraged) or know of an FNAP member who you would like to nominate, please submit name and contact information and 1-2 statements or bullets nominating the candidate by November 10, 2018,

to Varsha Singh FNAP President at varsha.singhapn@gmail.com

We have a wonderful program prepared and hope to see you all at our APN Education Day on November 16th at Princeton Marriot.

Please see the attachment for a description of the position.

This position will start the role in January 2019 and end in January 2021.
Varsha Singh
FNAP President